Omaha, NE – The Greater Omaha Chamber Economic Development Partnership announced today the addition of the Mills County Economic Development Foundation to its coalition of economic development programs – the largest such alliance in the region, bringing the total to eight counties. 

“Mills County is excited to collaborate and help grow the Greater Omaha region as a partner of the Greater Omaha Chamber. Growth in Southwest Iowa is key to regional prosperity and the Mills County Economic Development Foundation believes in working together and extending ties across state lines to the other seven members of the economic partnership.  We value the mission of the Greater Omaha Chamber and are aligned in the attitude that as a region, we will accomplish more by coming together. The partnership will further shine a light on the tremendous development potential in Southwest Iowa and the regional dedication of creating more opportunities in the urban, suburban and rural of Iowa and Nebraska,” said Marco Floreani, Executive Director, Mills County Economic Development Foundation.

The Mills County Economic Development Foundation, Inc. assists new and existing businesses with information for location, relocation, expansion, and retention and provides a foundation on which all economic development activities are based with the community’s shared desired future. The Greater Omaha Chamber Economic Development Partnership includes:


“As the Greater Omaha area continues its rapid growth, adding a dynamic community like Mills County to the partnership is a huge win. Mills County brings quality labor, an additional partner in Iowa and a diverse list of sites to the table. As the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership grows in size, we will also grow in stature, setting an example for other regions across the country,” said David G. Brown, president and CEO, Greater Omaha Chamber.

The Greater Omaha Chamber Economic Development Partnership is unique in crossing boundary lines and is a one-stop source for information on business, investment and employment in an eight-county area.

“The Mills County Economic Development Foundation is pleased to become a partner with the Greater Omaha Chamber. Our mutual interest in economic growth for this region benefits us all. Working together allows all of us to help develop economic growth. Mills County has so much to offer and we look forward to becoming a key member of this partnership,” said Mark Lincoln, Board President, Mills County ECD.

This partnership signifies the growth of the Greater Omaha region and highlights the roles communities on both sides of the Missouri river play in supporting economic growth in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

“I’m proud of the work in southwest Iowa to grow opportunities for businesses, communities and citizens, and Mills County is building on that strong foundation. Iowa’s development-ready sites, impressive industry leadership and innovative research and technology capabilities add tremendous value to this partnership,” said Debi Durham, Executive Director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority and Iowa Finance Authority.

The 2014 opening of the highway-34 bridge, which connects Sarpy County to Mills County, provides additional infrastructure and support, along with Interstate-29. Trade and cooperation have long been established with Mills County being part of the Metropolitan Statistical Area, and the partnership agreement between Mills County and Greater Omaha Chamber signifies strategic collaboration to bring more capital investment and jobs to the region.

About the Greater Omaha Chamber Economic Development Partnership
The Greater Omaha Chamber Economic Development Partnership represents an eight-county area from two states (Nebraska and Iowa) that includes Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Mills, Pottawattamie, Otoe, Sarpy and Washington Counties. The regionalized partnership operates as a comprehensive resource, driving growth and championing collaboration.

About the Mills County Economic Development Foundation
The Mills County Economic Development Foundation is a non-profit dedicated improving the long-term economic sustainability of Mills County through an economic development agenda focused on job creation, job retention, and tax base enhancements aimed at enriching the quality of life for all Mills County residents. Mills County is a short drive from Downtown Omaha by Interstate-29 and the more recent construction of the Highway 34 bridge better connects Mills to the commercial, residential, and industrial growth in Sarpy County.